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L.M. Sep 13, 2022
I am interested in working on this topic.
I have had considerable experience in working in the area of community governance.
I believe the Coldstream Council and Administration has no understanding of community engagement,
hides behind their microphones and two-minute rule for speakers, and considers citizen presenters as
How can I help.

R.A. Sep 14, 2022
I live on Kidston Road and was as upset as many neighbours when the road was cut in close to our neighbourhood and a large bump added, all with no correspondence/opportunity to object, to those in the immediate vicinity – certainly NOT what I have experienced with the City of Vernon.

A.F. Sep 16, 2022
Do you not think that it’s time to audit the Coldstream municipality for their spending and contributing money to projects which have not been authorized by the residence of Coldstream and get rid of the Incorporated council and municipality members and take it back to the residence of the municipality let them have their say not listen to what they’re told.

B.S. Sep 20, 2022
I agree with all your statements. Garlick, Cochrane. DIrk, Taylor. need to go. The old boys club should be gone. They MT control everything. People need to vote. My wife built our house in 1977. WE lived here a long time

C.L. Tue, Sep 20,
I am a concerned citizen in Coldstream. I would like to help where I can. I am particularly passionate about the boat launches in Coldstream and the hidden Coldstream Council agenda to close launches and/or limit launch access for motorized boat use. What has been done to the WestKal launch and the KalVista launch is unacceptable.

K.H. Tue, Sep 20
I am glad to see a forum that looks at holding our local government accountable. I have been very disappointed with council’s lack of transparency and decision making that goes on without proper notification and discussion with residents. Westkal road and the lift station in the middle of Kalavista boat launch are perfect examples!

B.J. September 29, 2022

Most Coldstream residents would likely agree that there is a need to upgrade the works yard buildings. The issue is the budget. Assuming the referendum fails the new council should pursue an alternate project plan, a lower budget, and a financial plan that council could approve without going back to the public. Some ideas that council could consider:

– break the project down into phases with a budget for each
– manage the project with internal resources
– for each building bypass the architect and go to bid directly to metal building manufacturers for the shell only on a supply and install basis
– to finish the inside of the buildings use local contractors and allow them to provide construct-ability cost saving ideas
– outside works could be completed with District’s own forces, they have the expertise
– the inside building finishing can also be phased
– explore options to lease components with 5 year leases

These ideas could reduce the cost of the project substantially, still achieve all project objectives, and ensure fiscal responsibility.