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The posted editorials are intended to focus discussions on issues that have been raised to the 5Cs editorial board.

The District of Coldstream is asking it’s citizens on October 15, 2022: “Are you in favour of “District of Coldstream Public Works Building Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 1808, 2022” which would authorize the District of Coldstream to borrow up to

Coldstream Candidate Profiles for 2022 Council Elections The Coldstream Citizens Concerns Community Chat (5Cs) is a community of concerned citizens living in the District of Coldstream, British Columbia. Our goal is to raise awareness of Coldstream Citizens advocating for fairness

A 5Cs follower has sent us an email asking a question on the rules about “conflict of interest”. The Coldstream citizen asked if Councilor Stephanie Hoffman was in conflict of interest as the result of the Westkal Road reconstruction because

In our editorial about the Westkal Road reconstruction, we noticed that none of the petitioners had been identified. Typically (and as with all other petitions that we looked at) a petition would be filed with the Coldstream staff, and you

west kal road
The 25 residential houses at the end of Westkal Road have been impacted through the transformation of a railroad to a popular rail trail. On November 26, 2018, a petition was presented to Council on behalf of the residents with

What the taxpayers of Coldstream are paying for their governance and operational leadership.

self serving politics coldstream
Article from New Zealand brings insight to the challenge for voters in the forthcoming local government elections. Deciding which candidates are sincerely wanting to serve the community and which ones are only focused on themselves.

lavington park day care
So why did 184 individuals sign a petition, albeit only 91 Coldstream residents protesting the decision made by Coldstream Council to build a childcare facility within the Lavington Park? Let’s look at the events that preceded the August 2020 protest.

The initial proposal presented to the community showed that the area where Sun Country Cycle is building as an area for food and benches That now has now become a two-story retail building and as the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

kalamalka lake coldstream
A group of concerned citizens in Coldstream is working to bring about change in the governance of the District of Coldstream. Apathy appears to be interpreted by Mayor Garlick, and some councillors and senior staff as satisfaction.

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