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A group of concerned citizens in Coldstream is working to bring about change in the governance of the District of Coldstream. Apathy appears to be interpreted by Mayor Garlick, and some councillors and  senior staff as satisfaction.

The CCCCC (5Cs) is focused on correcting that!

If you want change, you must get involved; sitting back and complaining accomplishes nothing other than empowering the elected officials to continue to not listen, even when the taxpayer complains.

Follow our website as we draw attention to poor decisions or decisions made behind closed doors, many done contrary to taxpayers wishes. This forum will provide an opportunity for Coldstream taxpayers to voice their concerns and bring attention to local issues that are not being handled in the best interests of the taxpayers. It is our hope the elected officials will listen.

Who are these elected officials?

Mayor Jim Garlick was elected to a fourth consecutive term (14 years), recording 2,154 votes in the last election to defeat challenger Bill Firman, who picked up 419 votes Mr. Garlick spent 3 years before becoming mayor as a councilor.

Incumbent councillors that were re-elected are:

Pat Cochrane fourth term (14 years) with 1,828 votes 

Doug Dirk eighth term (24 years) with 1,801 votes

Richard Enns fourth term (14 years) with 1,629 votes

Glen Taylor fourth term with (14 years) 1,587 votes (note Mr. Taylor was first elected as a councilor in 2002 and twice ran unsuccessfully against Mr. Garlick for mayor in 2008 and 2011. He returned to council in 2014.

Ruth Hoyte topped the council poll with 1,862 votes for her first term.  

Stephanie Hoffman also first term was fourth with 1,658 votes

See list of officials on coldstream.ca

Voter turnout in 2018 showed 2,609 votes were cast out of 8,037 eligible voters for a 32.5 per cent rate, marginally improved from 2014 at 30%. Interestingly the turnout in 2008 was 40% with 18 candidates running for 6 councillor positions.

The 5Cs hope to change that turnout in the next election in October. An engaged electorate will ensure good governance, something that seems to have been missing as of late. 

The 5Cs is focused on correcting that!

Long-in-the-tooth mayors and councillors become too focused on keeping their jobs rather than standing on principle. 

Mel Rothenburger (former mayor of Kamloops)

Some would argue that in the absence of good community consultation and communication, important decisions made behind closed doors or initiatives undertaken without a clear mandate leads to citizen dissatisfaction. Mayor Garlick has continually used the Covid excuse for poor community engagement and consultation since 2020. When addressing the dissatisfaction with the Lavington Daycare he stated in the Vernon Morning Star on April 30, 2020:

Garlick acknowledged he wished there was additional time for public input following the successful grant application.

“When we received our funding we would have liked to have had more time for information sessions,” he said. “But that fell within the COVID-19 lockdown. We couldn’t get the OK to make the funding public and get information out until very recently (April 24).”

This, he said, has cost the district several weeks that could have been used to request proposals for contractors to get work underway.

“That’s been a challenge,” he said.

The 5Cs is focused on correcting that!

The Coldstream Citizens Concerns Community Chat will provide the residents of Coldstream with an opportunity to voice your thoughts when you see examples of poor governance or have issues that concern you. You can currently do this by standing in front of Council, however you only have the opportunity to address council if your letter or presentation is included on the Council Agenda. And then:

Coldstream Council only provides a total of 10 minutes for Council to hear all comments regarding matters listed in the meeting agenda. And you are limited further to: 

  • two (2) minutes per speaker; and
  • information not already provided to or heard by Council.

 The 5Cs will provide the opportunity to express your thoughts (anonymously if you wish) on any civic matter you feel needs attention please contact us.

The editors reserve the right to reject any submissions it deems inappropriate or in poor taste.

Get Involved!

  • Provide your feedback or input to our website or get in touch with us
  • Sign up for 5Cs update notifications 
  • Consider becoming an elected official.  If you are thinking of running in this Local 2022 Government Election in October, consider attending a candidate readiness educational workshop on August 17, 2022,  5:30 pm – 8:30 pm at the Dogwood Gymnasium, Vernon Recreation Centre, 3310 37th Avenue, Vernon.
    For more information on becoming a Coldstream elected official.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY………………….VOTE on October 15th

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